The start of something new

Photo courtesy of Mayumi Herrera / The Plaid Press

By Victoria Navarro and Marina Souliman

With the start of the new school year, we are making some dramatic changes to the Plaid Press. We are transitioning away from your average school newspaper to a more engaging and diverse publication. As editors-in-chief we are determined to help the Plaid Press play a more active role in covering school events, while maintaining our global perspective.
This year, we will reduce the amount of print issues to three each semester, making time for changes we want to implement in the newspaper. Our dedicated staff plans to give the Plaid Press a revitalized meaning to the school through weekly updates on current events on our website.

We plan to bring these changes through different forms of media, such as videos and online blogging. The Plaid Press will further expand its website as we take on more video projects that feature the school’s diverse student body. Our videos will vary in topics and production. They will be consistently uploaded to our website and social media with new videos for each publication.

A big step toward change in our publication is social media. We’d like the Plaid Press to engage more with the student body. In order to meet this goal, we are starting Twitter and Instagram accounts to keep students informed on current events and updates about the Plaid Press. On Twitter, look forward to polls where you can voice your opinion on community and international news.

Social media will also allow us to branch off into photojournalism. Capturing the most vital moments will no longer be presented through words but photographs as well. By expanding our social media presence and photojournalism, we will highlight our amazing student body and events that make our school so unique.

These changes are targeted to help bring our publication closer to the student body and ensure we do everything in our abilities to help students become more aware of their community and the world.

Despite the hard work required to make these major changes, we are positive that our goals will be achievable with our new staff. Each staff member displays a proud and enthusiastic attitude in being a part of the publication taking on the role of a journalist. We hope to see the staff’s eagerness and passion translate into a reinvigorated school newspaper that we will all grow to love and appreciate.

As editors-in-chief, we guarantee that we will put in our best efforts in guiding the class in order to create a successful year for the Plaid Press. We strongly appreciate your support for the hard work that the staff dedicates to the newspaper issues, as well as our new online content.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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