The changing face of journalism: why it’s important

Photo courtesy of Justin Gonzalez

By Marina Souliman

In essence, journalism helps disperse information regarding a great variety of issues and events among society in a multitude of perspectives. In popular culture, movies such as “Spotlight” and “Shattered Glass” illustrate journalism as an art form that must maintain its integrity and factuality.

However, it is evident that print journalism is dying as media and technology are taking over as the main way people gain access to information. With the consensus that print journalism is decreasing in efficiency, it is essential that we look at its impacts and importance to keep it around.

One of the most important jobs a journalist takes on is uncovering stories about government discrepancies and informing citizens of government activities. Throughout history, journalists have exposed government scandals that have shaped public opinion and policymaking.

Furthermore, journalists have uncovered stories surrounding social issues such as the sexual abuse of children in Catholic churches, issues with standardized testing, and deceptive corporate action, to name a few. As investigative journalists brought these issues to the public eye, they were able to help put change into motion. More importantly, however, these journalists helped spark discussion regarding the issues.

Furthermore, journalism not only provides a review of our government by providing citizens with knowledge, but journalists also provide connections between policy and social implications.

Remaining unbiased in journalism is essential, but with the switch to digitized journalism, the need for monetary gain to continue activities compromises that bias. Due to the fact that news organizations need to gain profit, they resort to writing sponsored articles on online platforms. Consequently, this impedes on providing the greater public with the full truth as there is now an obvious bias to the sponsor. As more publications require funding, they are often bought out by private owners who have the power to change what information is being presented in order to benefit themselves.

As journalism moves forward and transitions to the technological age, it must find ways to gain revenue and maintain its unbiased perspective.

With these issues of profit and bias coming into play, the public must ensure that publications are remaining unbiased and have the financial means to prevent these issues from occurring in the first place.

The public must support freelance journalists and news publications on a financial level to help ensure that monetary issues do not come in the way of uncovering the truth. The truth needs to be uncovered by journalists who make it their goal to provide the public with the information necessary to spark discussion and change. Journalism is the backbone of change and must remain unbiased in order for our society to be progress as a whole.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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