Bo Burnham is the creator to watch out for

By Marina Souliman

“You are here because you want to laugh and you want to forget about your problems. But I cannot allow it. You should not laugh. You should not forget about your problems. The world is not funny.”

Bo Burnham’s opening of his comedy special, “Make Happy,” matches the tone of his entire show. While he offered many jokes, the true importance of his show lies in his progress and creativity as a creator. From exploring themes such as mental illness and broken relationships, Burnham’s humor throughout his career has touched the hearts of his fans.

After starting off his performing career in 2006 as a YouTuber, Burnham gained a large fan base at a young age. With his unique mix of sarcastic, ironic, comedic rhetoric as well as beautifully composed music, he has provided audiences with a new type of entertainment. His music and comedy has hit on subjects such as race, gender, sexuality and religion so well that he often leaves his fans wanting more.

However, Burnham’s talents do not only span music and comedy. Throughout his career, he has expanded his abilities to both the literary and television world. His television work includes cameos on a variety of shows, most of them being comedy driven shows.

Burnham’s talents delve into the literary world with his book, “Egghead: Or, you can’t survive on ideas alone.” From using illustrations as a way of bringing his tales to life to sarcastically worded poetry, Burnham offered a different perspective with his comedy.

No matter the medium, Burnham can implement a sense of need to address the reality around us whether it be social issues, stereotypes, or our own selves.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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