Photo Essay: Teams brought the heat at Dodgeball Inferno

Junior Noah Kutrosky prepares to throw the ball at his opponent.

By Ben Ramirez

At the 2016 installment of Dodgeball Inferno, participating teams and hyped-up spectators brought the intensity. Sitting on the floor in a pool of yearbook photographers just feet away from the competitors, I was able to feel the sheer adrenaline pumping through their bodies as they battled each other for five minutes.

Although the only things at stake were pride and a trophy, the energy level was at a high. With every exciting moment, the crowd became rowdier, their screams bouncing off the walls of the gym, seemingly deafening every person in attendance.

These are the memorable moments captured through the lens of my camera.

Members of the boys soccer team come together in their first round game.
Junior Matthew Valdivia winds up to throw.
Junior James Jang hypes up the crowd.
Senior Sam Hernandez throws during her first round matchup against Bow Down.
Two teams battle to get the balls at the start of the game.
Senior Kelsey Fonseca and junior Kami Sawekchim throw the ball at the Benchwarmers.
Senior Brandon Escobar embraces the trophy after his team, Jugglin’ and Snugglin’, has defeated the Diablos to win the championship.


Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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