America’s future isn’t too bleak

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons / Lorie Shaull

By Marina Souliman

With the future comes uncertainty, and these last few months have left the American public afraid of what the future holds. As November 8 loomed closer, the election results seemed as if they were set in stone for Hillary Clinton as the majority of polls predicted her win. However, election night brought anxiety once more as Donald Trump was announced as the President-elect.

Protesters took to the streets, social media rose in flames, and fear grew as those who felt victimized by Trump’s rhetoric realized the reality of his win.

Despite the future’s uncertainty, it is important to note that there are still hopeful highlights that have come from this election.

Along with deciding the President, the election appointed many other positions in both the Senate and House of Representatives. There have been historic firsts in these appointments, showing that progress is still being made toward representing America’s diversity in the government.

A notable appointment is that of Tammy Duckworth, an army veteran who was elected to the Senate in representation of Illinois. Duckworth was nominated as the Assistant Secretary at the United States Department of Veterans Affairs where she led efforts to end veteran homelessness and to gain initiatives for female veterans.

Closer to home, Kamala Harris is the second black woman, and the first Indian-American woman, to be elected to the California Senate. She has a long history in public service starting in 2011 as Attorney General, and with her win, there is hope for several progressive movements across California.

There are more appointments to look forward to, such as Minnesota’s first Somali-American female legislator

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons / Lorie Shaull

, the first Latina Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, and the first openly LGBTQ+ governor Kate Brown. With this election, the government is becoming more diverse and inclusive, reflecting America’s cultural variety.

Furthermore, this unprecedented election has allowed for a movement of politics among younger generations. With the election at the forefront of social media, there was larger involvement from America’s youth than ever before.

Regardless of the outcome of the presidential election, there is a greater truth to be told: politics needed more attention. Whatever action President-elect Trump takes, there will always be strong voices for inclusion and diversity in Congress as well as support groups, private organizations and movements that will work to protect what America believes in.

With protests around the nation, the unity of America may seem at stake. But it is essential to see that the voices of those marginalized are being protected and heard as protesters show that they will continue to support people of color, women and every individual who has been targeted by the rhetoric of Trump’s campaign.

Although the future seems bleak, America will not falter in its support for diversity and progress as a nation.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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