Black lives still matter: The conversation shouldn’t end here

Black Lives Matter Black Friday
Photo courtesy of The All-Nite Images

By Tuesday Bowen

Black Lives Matter, a movement that started in July 2013, sparked because of the Trayvon Martin case. The movement seeks justice for the wrongful deaths of black people. Although it is still very much alive, it is spoken about much less in the media and by the greater American society than it once was.

Recently, Black Lives Matter has almost disappeared from the media. While there are still discussions of police brutality and black people being unjustly killed, the movement seems to have lost its momentum in media. However, black people are still been killed for no justifiable reason, often illustrated in the media as happening at the hands of the police.

With the racism and fear circulating in America right now, we need to support the Black Lives Matter movement now more than ever. America is racially divided leading many to be sucked into fear, but the Black Lives Matter movement can offer hope in these troubling times.

According to CBS, in the last two years, hundreds of black men and women have been unjustly killed and fallen victim to police brutality. In America, it seems like being black means being born with a target on your back. It means to society you were born a criminal.

Black Lives Matter stands against this notion and fights those who were brainwashed into believing it. While these stereotypes and crimes have continued to fuel the Black Lives Matter movement, it is no longer the force it once was. Although the plight of black victims is not as prevalent in media as it once was, the movement should not die along with these victims of injustice.

Black men and women should not have to continuously fall victim to racially motivated brutality or stereotypes and prejudice in order for the movement to remain prevalent. Black lives will always matter, and that is a message we need to broadcast to American society.

Once everyone truly realizes that black lives matter just as much as any other race, then America will be able to truly unite.

The more we ignore Black Lives Matter, the more divided the races will become. This is why it is so important for black lives to be recognized and talked about in media.

Black Lives Matter is a movement that has not finished what it started. The movement will not die, even if it dies down in the media. Until everyone stands by what the movement stands by, it should continue to spread and talked about.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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