Student Athletes: Different directions, same passion


By Benjamin Ramirez

Student athletes are put in a unique position as they try to balance school and sports. During high school, these individuals are pushed to their greatest potential while testing their dedication to their respective sports.

Behind every athlete, there is a force driving them to work toward success. This can come from personal history, team bonds, or inspirational athletes on television. However, if that drive or inspiration is not present, their passion for playing will in many cases, fade. What connects all of our student athletes, however, is the love of the game.

Junior Emily Mitchell, Basketball

“I’m most inspired to play basketball by the strong professional women athletes I look up to. I want to be a successful role model for younger athletes, and especially females, to look up to.”

Freshman Lia Berkolds, Volleyball

“I play volleyball because I love the sport. Every time I step out onto the court, I try my hardest to be the best player and teammate that I can be because nothing beats the rush of emotions you get when your team wins a crucial match.”

Junior Josiah Kim, Football

“I am inspired to play football because I grew up watching it every Saturday and Sunday. I started playing at a young age. Now, I play it because of the family environment it creates. My teammates are some of my closest friends.”

Senior Amanda Wilheim, Cheer

“I love the bonds that I’ve made with all the girls on my team. We are practically sisters. Being a part of such an amazing family is what inspires me to cheer.”

Senior Ben Tiber, Cross Country and Track and Field

“What inspires me most about running track is the ability compete at such a high level, and the ability to feel pride and accomplishment after all the hard work I have put into achieving my goals.”

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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