Dodgeball inferno excites players and crowd

By Andrea Lopez

Junior Noah Kutrosky prepares to throw the ball at an opponent. Benjamin Ramirez/The Plaid Press

On December 1, the school hosted its annual dodgeball tournament known as Dodgeball Inferno. It was held at the Large Gym from 6:30-9:00 p.m.

Over 20 teams competed for first place in order to receive a trophy along with medals for all of the team members. This year’s winner was Jugglin’ & Snugglin’, which was comprised of the boy’s soccer team.

Each 12 person team, such as Simp Squad, the Average Joes, Diablos VI and many more were chosen by raffle to compete.

The game was run in a bracket tournament system and the classic rules of dodgeball applied. The opposing team’s goal in the game was to eliminate the other teams players by hitting them below the shoulder without the players catching the ball. If the ball was caught, then a player from that person’s team would be able to return to the game.

The teams faced one another until only Diablos and Jugglin’ & Snugglin’ were left.

Throughout the tournament, the crowd was rooting for Extreme Kiwis, the underdogs of the competition. The team went up farther than anyone expected and ended up in fourth place.

The crowd supported all teams, however, by cheering them on especially when there was only one player left as a team was about to face elimination. The players in each team were as hyped up as those who attended the game in the stands. All players seemed to have a lot of fun whether they won or lost.

“I thought it was a really good experience to play against other teams at our school, and it was a lot of fun coming together with the soccer team,” senior Briana Ruelas, who played on the team Illyria, said.

Dodgeball Inferno is run by Senior Leadership Council as a fundraiser to earn money for the senior class. Different committees set up the food, decorations, and team sign-ups.

This year, the event was held in the large gym which allowed the other teams to watch one another even while they were not competing. This added to the crowd’s excitement as the tournament went on.

“Dodgeball Inferno in and of itself is an event that is already looked forward to before promotion. This sets a high bar for the Senior Leadership Class to reach because people expect so much of the event. We used this knowledge as motivation to be bigger and better, rather than let it hinder us or scare us. The process of setting up this event went smoothly, regardless of a few expected bumps along the road. All of us in the committee, as well as the rest of the Senior Leadership Class, channeled our excitement into making sure this event went as amazingly as possible,” Dodgeball Inferno co-chair and senior Natalie Altounian said.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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