Brendan Thompson organizes local art and music show


By Kiara Torres

More often than not, young artists and musicians have a difficult time displaying their talents to the public due to a lack of resources. Senior Brendan Thompson decided change that and start an art and music gallery event to showcase the immense talent of the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles youth. With the sponsorship of his start-up promotion organization Guild of Arts Los Angeles (GALA), Thompson will be hosting the Create and Share Art (CASA) on May 6 at White Oak Music and Arts.

Some of the musical acts include The Cozzmos, Silvermaps, Phovea, Cuco, and Good Boy. All are fan favorites amongst those who frequently attend nearby shows due to their unique sound and fun crowds. All of which have a decent social media presence and notoriety in the Los Angeles local music scene. The Cozzmos, Phovea, and Silver Maps have an indie sound while Cuco and Good Boy share pop and experimental vibes.

“The music acts I decided to perform are some of my favorite local bands and solo artists. I wanted to get them all in one place and also have a solid group that would draw in an enthusiastic crowd,” Thompson said.

Thompson had an open mind with whose artwork he was willing to display. Some of the many artists expected to be shown include Emma Diffley, Tuesday Bowen, and Herbert Guevara. The process of getting art displayed was slightly different. Each artist had to pay a small fee in order to confirm who was serious about displaying and selling his/her work.

For many aspiring artists, it is difficult to pursue their talent seriously due to the fact that there is a lack of opportunities to get their work out in the public. Investing in local art and promoting the abilities of the artist is what makes it possible for them to continue pursue what they love.

“I would say just do it. If your friend makes music, does paintings, drawings, or whatever, ask if you can buy or have a print. Go to their show. Tell your friends about their work. Share what they create,” senior and bassist of The Cozzmos Jesus Mendoza said.

Thompson is extremely excited for CASA and hopes to continue promoting those with a passion for the arts field. He hopes that through CASA more people will start supporting local musicians and artists creativity.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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