GBDC showcases student talent

By Hope Su

The 8th annual Granada’s Best Dance Crew Competition (GBDC) took place on Friday, January 27th at 7 p.m. in Highlander Hall. Each year, GBDC features dance performances from a variety of groups.

The competition was sponsored by J and G Automotive and additional support was provided by the Granada Booster Club and all the parents and staff associated with the event.

Ticket sales, which were $12 online and $15 at the door, went towards the prize money for winners, dance team costumes, competition fees, and funding for performances.

This year’s competitors included six groups each in the crew and activities divisions. CI Dance Crew, Super Ultra Yin Yang Destroyers 3500, Be Like Me, Revolutionary Steps, Extreme Kiwis, and Inspire(D) competed in the crew division. Meanwhile, in the activities division, H20 Bros, The Activity (Cheer), Girl’s Soccer, Oh G’s, and Boy’s Soccer competed.

In addition to the student talent, a group of critically acclaimed professional dancers made guest appearances, which included Damien Gomez, Britt Stewart, Chris Scott, and Mandy Moore, the choreographer of the critically acclaimed film La La Land.

“Inspire(D) started preparing early one or two days a week and then when it got closer to the performance date, we started practicing every day and even on the weekends,” senior Veronica Diaz Miller of dance crew Inspire(D) said.

In the dance crew division, the Super Ultra Yin Yang Destroyers 3500 took the first place trophy and a grand prize of $200, while Be Like Me took second and Inspire (D) took third. In the activities crew division, Oh G’s took home the first place trophy and $200, H20 Bros placed second, and Boy’s Soccer placed third.

“The most rewarding part of doing GBDC, for me, was working with my fellow choir mates and getting closer with them,” senior Megan Mendoza of Oh G’s said.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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