By Victoria Navarro

Photo by Victoria Navarro || The Plaid Press

From learning how to harmonize to performing on a stage, students are able to pursue their interests in singing in the school’s choir. Choir is sectioned into different branches that provide various opportunities: Honors Choir, Concert Choir, Show Choir, Chamber Choir, as well as three a cappella groups.

After auditions are held at the end of each school year, choir director Sarah White separates students based on their vocal range. Girls are either Altos or Sopranos, while boys are either Basses or Tenors. In other words, each person is matched with other students who complement his or her voice.

Generally, choir encompasses all types of singing. For instance, Honors choir is composed of students who learn more classical and technical songs, whereas show choir consists of people who enjoy performing to more popular songs. Often times, students join more than one choir in order to meet their diverse interests.

Additional auditions are held in order to determine the members of the three a cappella groups, including Happily Ever After, Smooth White Chocolate, and Once Upon a Time.

Despite the different opportunities each group holds, they all share a common goal: to instill both love and curiosity for music across all genres.

“The love has to do with singing and performing. I try to expose the groups to as much of a variety of music as possible, from different genres and periods of history and from many different cultures and languages. The curiosity speaks to how music works- what its purpose was in different historical eras and cultures, as well as the language of reading music and developing music literacy,” White said.

Not only has the choir program given students an opportunity to expand on their singing abilities, but, through the curriculum, they are also able to develop close bonds with others who share the same passion for performing.     

“Even though I’ve only known most of these people for about a year, it feels like I’ve known them for a lifetime–especially the girls in my a cappella group. Choir is my home,” senior Joie Yuson said.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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