Does the senior research project help or hurt students?

By Andrea Lopez

The senior research project is an extensive essay and presentation that high school seniors work on for the majority of their second semester. All seniors complete a project, as it is a required assignment.

While there are pros and cons to the project, some people argue that the project helps them prepare for college while others claim it doesn’t and that it just causes them to stress for no good reason.

My biggest issue with the project is that it is not the same for all seniors. Some teachers give an extremely hard project mimicking those given in college but others give something more along the lines of a book report. This project then becomes inquietable to students and causes them to stress more than they should have to. Without a standardized form of senior projects, students have varying levels of work.

“I find the senior project to be devastating in the sense that there is immense pressure to turn in a project that is worthy enough to be considered valuable for our teachers. I feel there are high expectations for what we evidently turn in so this is a stressful project for me. There are nights where I hardly sleep, but in the end, I hope that my efforts will be enough for a decent grade,” said senior Vianca Ventura.

This could be avoided if there was a set of guidelines for all senior English teachers that would require  all the projects be the same. This would allow a fair amount of work for all students across the board.

Other students feel that the senior project is a great gateway for them to begin to understand what college assignments are like. They argue that the project teaches them necessary skills to be able to succeed.

The senior project is beneficial to students because it gives a sense of what it will be like in college. We will be given papers and homework to do, and it will be a lot. We must learn to create a plan and keep up with deadline, which is what the senior project helps us learn to do,” said senior Julissa Lopez.

Although most students claim that the project did not help them and only caused them to feel stressed, there are some who feel that the project is helpful. In order to satisfy students, there need to be some changes made to it in order for the assignment to be fair.


Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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