Stressed about college? Here’s the solution

By Caroline Cho

The blank, glowing page taunts you as you respond to its emptiness in a flurry of violent key-pounding. To your right, a half-eaten protein bar and a Starbucks caramel macchiato (with soy milk) sit beside a pile of used Kleenex.

You throw your arms up in the air out of frustration and let out a groan of deep desperation. You finally muster up the courage to look at the screen. It glares back, rending:


It’s that time of year again: the jolly season of college applications. Every year, the competition increases as more and more students realize the benefits of attending college, making the application process all the more demanding. And it is even worse that there are just a few months left before the dreaded deadline.

But do not fret! There are plenty of options to tackle this obstacle. In order to effectively take advantage of the time available, the College Office offers students a variety of workshops: Common Application & Early Decision/Early Action Workshops, UC Application Workshops, and CSU Application Workshops. 

And finally, although senior year can be very demanding, especially with rigorous course loads, it is crucial that you stay optimistic. No matter the outcome–no matter where you go in life–remember that you are not alone. The people sitting to your left, your fellow classmates, are not scholarly rivals. They are going through the same stress, so working together is essential.Although it is a struggle to balance college applications and school work, make sure to stay on top of all deadlines for early decision, early action, and common applications. Never put off essays until the last minute, because it is necessary that you continuously revise your work.

With a close group of classmates, create a work session in which every student reads his or her personal statement. College essays are insights about who you are as a unique individual, so it is important to be authentic in your work. Reading your responses aloud can also help to fix stylistic issues, which naturally accentuates your personality and true colors. Not to mention, constructive criticism from peers who know you well can help you along your journey.

The clock reads 7:49.

To your right, the half-eaten protein bar and the Starbucks macchiato. To your left, your classmate with the same frustrated, blank expression.

You glance at the clock. 7:52. After a few moments of hesitation, you tap her shoulder.

7:53. As you start to brainstorm ideas together, you think to yourself, maybe college applications do not have to be as stressful as we make them.

As the inspirational Helen Keller once said, “Alone, we can do so little. Together, we can do so much.”

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