Recap of Camp Flog Gnaw 2017

Tyler, the Creator performing during his set at Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival 2017. Photo courtesy of Valeria Campos

An idea drawn in a notebook by rapper, Tyler, the Creator six years ago is now a reality. From its beginning 5 years ago as a one day show to becoming a weekend long event, the annual Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival has grown tremendously. With each year’s concert attracting more fans and major headliners, it is safe to say that Tyler, the Creator’s production is a success.

This year’s sixth annual carnival was one for the books. The crowd attracted this year had to have been the largest of them all. Even though there were still packed crowds and uncomfortable squishing, the music was all that mattered.

Since this year’s set list contained more popular artists, it was hard to keep up and get to all of the show times and stages. But if you were watching A$AP Rocky and missed Lil’ Yachty, there wasn’t an issue considering the amount of special guests artists brought out onto stages.

It’s safe to say that the most anticipated performer of the entire weekend was rapper Kid Cudi. Including Sunday night’s headlining performance as part of his “Pain Passion & Demon Slayin’” tour passing through Los Angeles, it was a show to not be missed. Kid Cudi ended the festival with good vibes by unifying the crowd to dance and sing along to both new and old tunes.

With the event as whole, Tyler, the Creator wanted to create a safe place for people who may see themselves as outcasts to society, as Tyler does himself. Last year’s 2016 Carnival was a few weeks after the controversial presidential election. Due to many of the president’s views on certain minorities, many artists made statements to ignore the hate and hope for the better by protesting against Donald Trump through music, which was brought through again this year during Taco’s and YG’s performance.

With Camp Flog Gnaw, Tyler, the Creator also wanted to include a diverse mix of artists in the set list. He made it known last year by tweeting hours before the show that he’d rather have the audience listen to new artists they may have never heard of before. Providing a platform for lesser known artists to shine was his goal from the start.

Overall, the carnival had brought different genres ranging from rap, soul, rock, R&B, to undefined ones within the music industry together and did the same for the audience.

The carnival is open to all ages so everyone can enjoy an “in town” carnival with rides,games, a variety of food choices, vendor stands and so on, in which some artists even joined in on, all the while listening to today’s biggest and up and coming artists.

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