Class of 2018 hosts Santa photo booth

By Tyler Kwon

During the week of Monday, December 4, the Class of 2018 hosted a holiday photo booth featuring Santa Claus and the Gingerbreads. At the price of $1 for a digital photo and $2 for a Polaroid, the booth promised students the opportunity to capture playful moments with their friends while supporting this year’s senior class.

The booth, which was set up near Highlander Hall, was organized by senior class president Alyssa Asprer in order to fundraise for the Class of 2018’s apparel, along with special events such as prom and the senior luau.

Despite some unfavorable conditions, including high wind levels during the start of the school week, the booth attracted many students and helped create a playful, holiday-themed atmosphere for participating students.

Students were allowed to pose with a number of holiday-themed characters, including a student dressed as Santa Claus and four other senior Associated Student Body (ASB) members dressed in gingerbread man costumes.

“I really enjoyed the booth because it got me into the holiday spirit and I got to take cute pictures with my friends. It was a great way to lighten the mood amidst the stress of our upcoming finals,” senior Isaac Nava said.

However, the photo booth did receive some complaints from students, mostly regarding wait times and pricing.

“I had to wait around five minutes because the people in front of me kept on asking for

additional shots, which was really frustrating since my friends and I were cut off by the bell,” senior Ashley Joo said.

Among the booth’s other critics was senior Nick Olinger, who said, “I thought that $2 for such a small Polaroid was kind of overpriced, but overall I was okay with it because I had a good time with my friends.”

Unfortunately, the photo booth’s intended one-week run was cut short due to the cancellation of school on Thursday and Friday, as a result of the Creek Fire raging in nearby Sylmar. Nonetheless, the booth’s few days in operation were considered a success and helped bring the holiday spirit to campus.

“I honestly wish there had been some more participation, but dressing up with the senior class was super, super fun. I think it was a great bonding experience for everyone involved,” ASB senior fundraising chair Lida Haiati said.


Author: Tyler Kwon

Tyler Kwon is a 16 year old senior and Editor in Chief of the Plaid Press currently attending Granada Hills Charter High School.

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