Revolutionary Steps and Women’s Show Choir take home the win

By Caroline Cho

On Friday, January 19, two teams claimed the title of “Granada’s Best Dance Crew” (GBDC). Revolutionary Steps and Women’s Show Choir both placed first, showcasing hard work, perseverance and teamwork through their dance techniques and choreography.

The competition, hosted by professional choreographer Damian Gomez, was split in two: the traditional crew teams competed in the first half, the clubs and sports teams competed during the second. Both winning teams executed a plethora of moves from dabs to blackflips.

“When I am watching a dance routine, I look for a really cool beginning. It has to start off with dynamics and explosiveness in the beginning. As it goes on, I want to see the formation changes, I want to see cleanliness in the movements, moves that makes sense with the music. Then, finally I want to see a good strong finish,” guest judge and renowned dancer Tre Holloway said.

Other honorable mentions included: Be Like Me, Oh G’s, Cheer, Yearbook, Associated Student Body (ASB), Girl’s Soccer, Boy’s Soccer and SiniGANG.

E ach team had its own theme, from the H2O Bros with their nautical getup to the Super Ultra Yin Yang Destroyers 3500 with their heart signs. Some made the audience burst out in laughter, while others left the crowd gaping in awe.

Nevertheless, each and every team dedicated hours of collaboration and physical labor in order to make this show possible. As Holloway stressed, it is crucial that everybody has enough stamina to go all the way to the end.

“As an International Baccalaureate senior with college applications on my plate, the three weeks of winter break and the first few weeks of school were extremely busy for me. Nevertheless, my crew and I dedicated the week before GBDC to practice every night at lunch. We really came together as a team to put on the best performance possible,” Super Ultra Yin Yang Destroyers 3500 crew member and senior Chris Ha said.

The Dance Team also dedicated time and effort to make this show possible. Prior to the actual competition, each crew was taught and guided by a select Dance Team member. Dance team also performed three times at the opening, middle, and finale of the show.

Sponsored by the Northridge Beauty Bar, GBDC was a fundraiser for the Dance Team.

“I am a bit sad that it was my first and last time participating in GBDC. This was, hands-down, one of the best memories of my senior year, and I am so happy for everyone who won,” Women’s Show Choir crew member and senior Jamey Seo said.

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