Dodgeball Inferno: The Diablos make a comeback


By Hanna Kim

The Diablos, made up of members of the baseball team, played through four intense dodgeball games and emerged as the victors of Dodgeball Inferno 2018.
Dodgeball Inferno set various teams against each other with only five minutes on the clock. The final match was between The Diablos and the All Powerful Fire-Breathing Rubber Duckies (APFRD), whose players were from the boys volleyball team.
“We came out confident [and] we wanted to prove that the allegations last year about us cheating were wrong. We just gave it our all,” senior Brady Walther, a member of the Diablos, said.
Though the Diablos won the trophy at the end of the tournament, other teams had their own victories along the way. The very first match was between The Gods, of the football team, and The Good Team, which was not affiliated with any team or club.
“We were praying for two things: not to go first and not to play a varsity sports team. But we ended up doing both, and the game was more fun than we expected,” senior Justin Ko, of The Good Team, said.
With three minutes left on the clock, The Good Team had six members still standing, while The Gods only had four people. With only five seconds left, The Gods turned the game around by catching a ball, bringing one more person from their team in, and ending the game with three members, against the two left on The Good Team. This game ended with The Gods’ victory.
“I definitely don’t regret doing Dodgeball Inferno. Even though we were disappointed that we lost when we were so close to winning, I still had fun,” Ko said.
Spitfire Choir and the Wind, Strings, and Alliance also made dramatic comebacks in their games against sports teams, going from a single player to nearly tying with their opponents with less than a minutes left of the game before they both ultimately lost.
The event was also a time for the athlete teams to showcase their specific skill sets. In the beginning of the game between The Bolts III, the boys track team, and the Benchwarmers, the softball team, the former gained an early advantage with its fast reflexes and swift throws.
However, as the game went on, the Benchwarmers slowly began to take the lead by showcasing their phenomenal catching skills. With two minutes left on the clock, the Benchwarmers walked confidently toward the few remaining opponents, forming a wall of white softball shirts and visor hats. In the next seconds, the Benchwarmers hit every last boy with a flurry of balls.
In one of the tournament’s final matches, the APFRD had seven players, compared to the Gods’ three. With only a few seconds left, a member of the APFRD made a bump pass with a ball thrown by a member of The Gods, allowing another team member behind him to lazily catch the ball and consequently eliminate the last remaining opponent.
In between matches, various attractions had the crowd cheering, too. In the beginning of two of their matches members of The Diablos wielded a wooden baseball bat as they entered the court before breaking it in half over thier knee, drawing cheers from the audience.
Perhaps the most captivating show was held by the dance team, whose half-time performance stirred the audience’s enthusiasm to last through the next round of games.
Though only one team may have walked out the gym with a trophy, other teams and their members were simply glad to have had a final high school experience before graduation.
“I never got the chance to do a lot of school activities in the other years, so I definitely wanted to do a lot of activities this year. Dodgeball Inferno was fun, and I’m glad I’m leaving GHC on a good note,” Ko said.

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