JV girls basketball team ends a rewarding season

JV girls basketball. Photo courtesy of Nick Kindel.

By Hanna Kim

The junior varsity (JV) girls basketball team finished its 2017-2018 season with a perfect season and an astonishing 25-0 record. The last perfect season that the team pulled off was in its 2014-2015 season, with a 24-0 record. A greater number of wins this season, paired with three tournament championships and a West Valley League Championship, the JV girls basketball team has completed an impressive season with well-deserved awards and recognition for the girls’ hard work.

Coach Nick Kindel, who has coached the JV girls basketball team for four years, reports that the team begins every season with a clear set of goals that the players are determined to accomplish. This year, the members resolved to attend every practice and finish the season better players than they were when they first came in.

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JV girls basketball. Photo courtesy of Nick Kindel.

Not only did the girls have a clear picture of the players they wanted to become after every practice, but they had a definite goal for their games as well. The team’s win at the 17th Annual Burbank Bulldog Winter Classic, the 7th Annual Lady Python Winter Classic, and the Moorpark 5th Annual Christmas Classic evidently demonstrated their determination.

“When it came to tournaments, our goal was to win the whole thing. After tournament time and right before league play, we play three non-league games. Our goal for those games was to win and work on stuff that will prepare us for success in West Valley League play,” Kindel said.

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JV girls basketball. Photo courtesy of Nick Kindel.

Among the numerous games, some of the most intense took place in the tournament championships where the stakes were high. Another memorable game for the team was played against El Camino Real High School. Both as a well-performing team in the League and a long-time rival, El Camino Real High School was a popular choice for an opponent.

“In the beginning of the year, our main goal was to go undefeated. This game had the 25-0 record on the line, meaning this was the last obstacle to overcome in order to obtain that perfect record. The whole game was a hard battle, but in the end, we came out with the win. It was really refreshing to know that we were able to achieve exactly what we aimed for: an undefeated season,” co-captain and junior Luisa Raymundo said.

Not only has the team contributed great skill and performance on the court, but its members have also shown incredible teamwork and sportsmanship.

This is not new to the team, however. For the last four years, the JV girls have gone 92-3 overall with 2 perfect seasons, 10 Tournament Championships and 4 West Valley League Championships. Their program clearly works and showcases the girls’ talents.

“What made this year’s team special was that it was a full team effort that made our perfect season happen. We didn’t have a superstar player, but everyone was given a role on the team and everyone on the team was a superstar in her role,” Kindel said.

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JV girls basketball. Photo courtesy of Nick Kindel.

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