Gala offers students a school dance with Old Hollywood flair

By Tyler Kwon

Granada Hills Charter’s (GHC) annual Gala, formerly known as Winter Formal, took place on Saturday, February 24 at the Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel, offering its attendees a fun-filled night set to an Old Hollywood tone.

The Associated Student Body (ASB) renamed the event in order to rebrand it as inclusive to students of all grade levels, rather than seniors alone.

“It kind of let on the idea that it was a new and improved dance meant for everyone,” ASB Secretary Alexis Clare explained.

The Old Hollywood theme found its way to the venue’s glamorous decor, which included fairy lights lining the walls of the ballroom and several cardboard cutouts of show business icons such as Marilyn Monroe and James Dean.

In contrast with previous dances, the Gala provided a full dinner buffet, which included a taco bar and macaroni and cheese balls, as well as a dessert table with a self-serve ice cream bar.  

After enjoying their meals, attendees made their way to the dance floor, which according to ASB Vice President Mimi Parrott, was “bigger than ever.” The DJ, who also played music during fall semester’s Homecoming Dance, played popular songs like “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran and “Bodak Yellow” by Cardi B.

Ultimately, most attendees and Gala organizers viewed the night as a success.

“The venue was awesome. Who doesn’t love dancing in a ballroom, right? Personally I love dancing, so I had a great time,” senior Ian Gascon said.

Other students relished the fact that they were able to spend quality time with friends and enjoy a taste of the quintessential high school experience.

“I mean having friends with you is definitely the biggest part of the experience. We danced and we made funny faces. You can be yourself with your friends and being able to do that at Gala made it so much fun,” senior Anamika Gupta said.

Author: Tyler Kwon

Tyler Kwon is a 16 year old senior and Editor in Chief of the Plaid Press currently attending Granada Hills Charter High School.

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