Kickoff to football season


Granada plays their rival Kennedy. Photo by Bailey Julian / The Plaid Press

By Bailey Julian 

Like many American high schools, one of the most popular programs across the Granada Hills Charter High School (GHC) campus is its athletics program. One of our most visible teams in our program is our football team.

“Our team started off being decimated with injuries which forced us to play a lot of younger players fast. We now have the depth and experience needed to challenge for the West Valley League. We are excited and have the spirit to continue working hard towards our goal,” coach Walter Roby said.

We are six weeks into the football season, which means that there have been five games. Our only win so far was at an away game against our long-time rivals, the Kennedy High School Cougars. The final score was 57-18.

“The rivalry with Kennedy is pretty intense. The week heading into it is really fun because everyone is hyped up,” junior and cornerback Tonatiuh Meza said.

Athletes take every game very seriously, but especially games against Kennedy, our rivals. It is the game that players and non-players alike look forward to the most.

“Kennedy is our cross-city rival. So, we take that game as a championship game, meaning that we give it our all no matter what and never let our emotions get to us,” senior and offensive tackle Carlos Guevara said.

GHC’s four other games against Oxnard High School, Grace Brethren High School, Palisades Charter High School, and Heritage Christian High School have all ended in losses, but players have not let those losses dictate their performances in future games.

“After each game, we get a game film and when we go home we study the film to see what we did wrong and what we did right. It helps us improve for next game,” Meza said.

GHC’s football team works hard, learning from their mistakes and applying themselves to do better at their next game. At our most recent home game against Heritage Christian, GHC lost 35-28.  But with our homecoming game coming up next month against Chatsworth High School, the team is optimistic.

“The rest of the season is important, but we take our season week by week, game by game. We never let our focus down, no matter whether we have an easy schedule or a hard one. We focus and have determination to do the best we can do,” senior and offensive tackle Carlos Guevara said.

Tonight, the Highlanders go against Birmingham Charter High School. Come out at 4:30 p.m. for the junior varsity game followed by varsity at 7:30 p.m. to watch and support our football team.

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