Fortnite: Battle Royale

fortnite graphic

By Caroline Cho

A bullet of sweat rolled down my forehead. Adrenaline rushed through my veins. With a quick glance at the time, I crafted my submachine gun and moved across the screen.

Nothing could stop me from getting my eighth victory in a row. For me, “Fornite” became a fantastical, magical way to relieve stress and escape from reality.

For those who are not familiar with video games, “Fortnite: Battle Royale” is an online co-op sandbox survival game designed by Darren Sugg and developed by Epic Games, creator of “Unreal,” “Paragon,” and “Gears of War.”

Released on July 25, 2017, “Fortnite” is a first person shooter game where the player has the ability to construct forts, weapons, and even traps in order to defeat the opposition. It can be played across multiple mediums, such as Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and IOS.

“Fortnite” has skyrocketed in its popularity since its arrival, and many people all across the world have joined the world of “Fornite,” spawning leagues of gamers from different cultures.

“‘Fortnite’ does not have as much ‘hype’ as many might come to believe, but it certainly does live up to its name. I see this game as a connection between my friends and I, as a time where we can all come together and enjoy each other’s company. In the secure and private environment of our voice chats, I can express myself freely in ways I could never have before,” senior Daniel Ahn said.

Gamers and non-gamers alike are obsessed over this game, and the reason can be attributed to the art style, plotlines, and sound effects that make “Fortnite” what it is.

“I like how the ‘Fortnite’ animations seem like real life. The mountains and the trees are very realistic. And I also like how people get competitive while playing. This can be used as a reward for themselves. It could motivate them to get stuff done,” freshman Sandra Salazar said.

Video games allow players to slowly, but surely, build both negative and positive skills that will impact them in the future. Gamers not only construct weapons and buildings, but they also build relationships with the online community of “Fortnite.”

Many players also begin to develop keener eyesight and faster reflexes in the real world as a result of trying to get better in their virtual persona.

Overall, “Fortnite” is a generic example of a game that draws people in to its exhilarating
excitement of trying to achieve a victory against other players in real time. Although it has not made a significant change in the video game world, “Fortnite” is one that will be remembered in history as a fan favorite

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