Let’s end GHC’s seagull problem

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

By Sora Park

As a senior, I’ve come to recognize the various trends unique to our school: the herd of students who rush towards the lunch line, the constant unnecessary fear of getting dress-coded, and our weird obsession with the Jesus fountain.

But what has become the most integral part of my high school life is avoiding the army of seagulls that swarm towards me and my innocent chicken caesar wrap as I cross the quad after lunch. This exasperating daily annoyance is what I believe to be the effect of our student body’s ridiculous inability to throw away our trash. In other words, the seagull problem is our fault.  

We can all agree that we’d be happier if those flying beasts weren’t part of our high school memories. I mean, imagine a world where we weren’t afraid of getting pooped on or having our lunches stolen from the sky (yes, it’s really happened to me before).This would be the dream.

But, can we really complain if it’s our litter that is the root of the problem? Maybe you don’t litter, but have you ever told the slob that sits five feet away from you to finally pick up his or her sweet potato tater tots?  If you haven’t, give it a try.

Overall, I believe that our student body is quite amazing; there’s a reason why we have an over 2,000-person waiting list. Our school is full of intelligent students who are genuinely curious and want to know more. Moreover, our school has individuals who thrive on leadership and making our generations’ voices heard. However, when it comes to trash, we have some work to do.

So, I’m proposing that anyone who reads this becomes a little bit more conscious of the litter and litterers around him/her. Tell your friends to pick up their trash, and make sure to always take care of your own. And if you’re a teacher, remind your students to build that habit of picking up after themselves.

With the abundant amount of trash cans that corner each area of our school, it really isn’t difficult to throw your trash away.

If a terror free campus appeals to you, give the seagulls no reason to invade our school. Keep it clean, and save another student’s innocent chicken caesar wrap while you’re at it.

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