A Year in Review

By Sora Park

The 2017-2018 academic school year has been one that will leave a lasting impact on each individual student. Through unity, confidence, and individuality, our school came together, and with that, here are some highlights of the school year.

#ENOUGH Movement

In the entirety of my educational career, I have never seen so many individuals come together with a passion to change an issue in the world. As booths were set up for voting registration, letters to administration, and so much more, the entire campus became active in making change. In addition, in the hosted seminars, classrooms became locations for discussion. Here, our differences didn’t divide us, rather our common desire for school safety left all of us equally open to conversation.

The 17 minutes of silence during our demonstration on the field was an experience unlike any other. By simply lying on the field while forming the phrase “#ENOUGH,” news stations and people all over the country witnessed our school’s critical call for safety.

Dancing with the Staff

Dancing with the Staff was an opportunity for teachers to showcase their performing arts talents. Each adult impressed the audience as they showcased a talent that typically isn’t displayed in the classroom. Not only was the audience packed with parents and students, but fellow staff members were seen cheering for their co-workers. Here, our school came together as one through this school event.

Woman’s Show Choir

Personally, this year was the first time I went to the pop-shows and concerts that our choirs hosted. And at each occasion, I couldn’t help but be extremely impressed. However, I wasn’t the only one. As the Women’s Show Choir competed in the intermediate division (one division higher than they were used to) during this competition season, and they came out at first in multiple instances. Moreover, when competing against Burrows High schools, a school well known for their show choir program, our team rose to the occasion and put them to second place not once, but multiple times.

Overall, the 2017-2018 school year was extremely memorable. It was a year where everyone challenged themselves by taking on new objectives. More than this, this school year was the year in which we came closer together.


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