GHC science classes receive grant to promote energy conservation

On September 11, Granada Hills Charter High School (GHC) received a grant from Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (LADWP). For the past two years GHC has taken part in LADWP’s Community Partnership Outreach Grants program and has received $90,000 in grants. GHC plans to support and educate students about energy conservation in physics and environmental science classes.

This is the second year for the program at GHC with the LADWP partnership beginning in 2017. This year GHC was one of 24 organizations to receive a grant. LADWP wishes to have GHC support its efforts of energy conservation through outreach to members of the local community.

“Being able to talk about why we need to conserve water and energy adds another element that rounds out the educational value of this program. While it is rooted in the sciences, it also includes English, communications, computers and digital media, as well as important lessons that will build student confidence,” physics teacher Stephen Herr said according to a GHC press release.

GHC’s physics and environmental science students will use the grant to study the effects of different energy conservation forms. The grant will come into effect at home where students will use free water valves and LED light bulbs in their home. Students will also be able to experiment on their own homes, using infrared cameras to measure the electrical usage in their own home devices and equipment in order to actively discover where their homes may be energy inefficient. In addition, students will have the chance to take field trips to LADWP sites or other local energy facilities.

Later, in the winter and spring, students will take what they have learned through experimental and experiential research to work with local community organizations and advocate for smarter energy use and conservation. They will start advocating through a social media campaign using the school’s social media channels.

In the spring, a community event is also planned, during which students can share their community service work and their research about energy and water conservation.

The Community Partnership Outreach Grants support non-profits’ community outreach and education to improve energy efficiency and water conservation throughout the city of Los Angeles. This grant allows a more holistic understanding of energy conservation for students and gives LADWP a forum with the students of GHC to further research and advocate.

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