Soccer team dodges their way to victory

Photo courtesy to Shannon Harwood

On Thursday January 24, the Associated Student Body (ASB) hosted the annual senior Dodgeball Inferno tournament in the large gym. In a major upset, the boys soccer team, The Daddy’s, won the coveted medals beating the boys volleyball team, The All Powerful Fire-Breathing Rubber Duckies, in the final round.

“I feel that we prepared accordingly and really put in a lot of work. We’re really happy and really glad that we won,” senior Jacob Melkonian said.

Last year’s winner and the favorite going into the tournament, the Diablos, lost in the first round this year.

The tournament saw many rounds of talented teams comprised of diverse groups around campus including sports, academic, and elective teams. Some of those teams included the Humani-toss team representing the Humanitas program, Fearbook representing the Tartan Yearbook staff, and Squirtle Squad representing the cross country team.

“It was a great way to start off our last semester of high school. I especially loved watching my friends play against each other,” senior Karla Limon said.

The audience roared with applause as teams made dramatic saves and struck out members of the other team.

One of the highlights was the unique competition between Dos-Girls, representing the softball team, and the Gods, representing the football team. After their tied score ran too long, they went into sudden death and then ultimate sudden death, a game of rock-paper-scissors in which Dos-Girls were triumphant.

Just before the final game there was a staff vs. student round made up of ten members per team. Staff slowly rounded up while students throughout the audience shouted in order to get a chance to play. The staff beat the students with the help of star players like soccer coach David Huish.

The tournament was complemented by the popular DJing of Lil G, the same DJ from senior day, also a GHC alumnus. Playing mostly popular hip hop songs, what made him stand out is that he stood and danced along and encouraged the audience to dance from the stands. He was certainly a highlight that many audience members talked about even after the games were over.

Senior and ASB delegate Ariana Gamble was the main commentator for the tournament, giving more than just play-by-play comments, but also humorous takes on the teams and their performance.

In her official ASB capacity, Gamble and her ASB team had high hopes for Dodgeball Inferno.

“We always hope that the teams who are playing enjoy the games as much as the audience does watching them. It’s meant to be a fun game and not just a competition. It’s also a tradition for the seniors which makes it more fun,” Gamble said.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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