The War on Truth is not our war

Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore, Wikimedia Commons.

After Donald Trump’s two years as president, not only has the country continually become divided (paralleled by congressional party rule), many have also started to question his true intentions for the American people.

Trump’s “War on Truth,” termed by Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein, is the stigmatized relationship between the media and Trump in which the truth has become an arbitrary tool of politics. Trump has popularized the idea of “fake news,” an accusatory statement, in which he states the media, particularly those “left leaning” such as CNN do not report facts, but lies.

The lies however stem from Trump himself, since the beginning of his presidency Trump has been caught in over 6,000 lies or misleading statements. With the lies and deception comes discontent from the American people and Trump has, during his term reached a record low presidential approval rating with a low of 35 percent and a high of 45 percent, according to Gallup polls.

The American people have witnessed Trump’s trail of lies since his campaign for presidency. After his inauguration, Trump made claims stating that the media backed up his reports of a “massive” turnout when, in fact, most of the coverage reported a record low turnout with empty crowds. This example, however, pales in comparison to the lies he has made since his inauguration, which cover claims about national security, immigration, tax cuts and more.

Trump frequently creates his own vision of the world. However, his world does not include the best interests of the American people.

Just before his presidential address on immigration in January 2019, many media outlets and personalities questioned whether or not they should continue reporting or broadcasting events, being tired of the endless fact checks. However, the issue should not be the reporting itself, rather being able to filter the lies from the truth in order to truly inform the American people.

Unfortunately, as the president spreads lies and stretches the truth, it becomes harder for the media to report the truth. These distractions simply hide the bigger truths that must be confronted by an increasingly wary and unwilling media.

“The technique is simple: create controversy and confusion around politically-charged topics to stoke his conservative base and distract from stories that harm Trump,” Bernstein said.

Ultimately, the media will continue to report the news and Trump will continue to lie and stretch the facts. The media must continue to fact check Trump and report the truth to the American people. That is the solution. Trump’s “War on Truth” is a poison to society as it distracts the public from what needs to be done. Thus it is the responsibility for every American to search for the truth.

However, as that becomes increasingly difficult, we need to focus on each other, on improving the cards we were dealt. Trump’s America of lies is not the America we wish to live in. The more people feed into his lies and rhetoric, the more they hand over their power. So, the answer is in community, it is in focusing on the truth, riding out the wave while still fighting the good fight. So do not fuel the “War on Truth” with more lies and hate, but guide America onto a path of love and compassion.

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