Annual VAPA art showcase highlights student creativity

As the spring semester is quickly coming to an end and summer is around the corner, the school’s Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) students had the opportunity to show off the results of their hard work throughout the year in the annual VAPA showcase.

The showcase was held during the week of March 18 to March 22 in Highlander Hall. The open display featured pieces from the school’s many art classes such as CP and AP Drawing, Ceramics, Music Tech, Design Craft, Photography, and more. This included watercolor paintings, ceramic bowls and water fountains, digital photographs and designs that had been edited in photoshop, short films, and drawings focusing on three dimensions and portraits. It also featured dance performances from the school’s dance classes and performances from orchestra and band.

Students were allowed to walk around and admire the creativity displayed, commenting on the different projects and techniques students used to create the pieces.

“I personally enjoyed being able to walk around and see all of the art work that my peers created. It showcased a lot of different artistic views and showed off the creative minds at the school,” senior William Osorio said.

Many teachers collected their students artwork from the beginning of the school year in anticipation of the showcase.

The VAPA showcase is our most public opportunity to show off our incredible students and the hard work they have put in since August. I, personally, have been hoarding their work, promising to return it after the show since September,” drawing teacher Stefani Thomas said.

Many students had been working on projects since the beginning of the year, keeping the showcase in mind.

As a teacher I ask students for submissions that they would like to have displayed in the art show and get a providence card on a mat for each project that gets submitted to me. When the display walls are up I go in with all the work that students have given me and put up a variety of works that showcase each of my classes. I try to get as many different projects and students up on display,” design craft teacher Matthew Bivens said.

This year’s showcase included a wide variety of pieces created by students and many of the VAPA teachers and other teachers were able to take their students to see the work on display.

“For my project, I created a short film that was based on the topic of homosexuality, and my teacher had played it in front of my classmates,” junior Tonatiuh Meza said.

The showcase also fell on the week of Open House. Parents were able to see what their students have been doing since August.

“There is nothing better than a student showing his or her work off to their families and the instant joy and pride we see in their families faces,” Thomas said.

Many students don’t feel like they are capable of creating something artistic and by having the VAPA classes produce an annual showcase, it helps prove them otherwise.

“I think the showcase is important because it highlights a student’s abilities and potential. It also helps kids find out if they should venture into a future with art. I personally had no idea that I’d make anything decent in my ceramics class and the next thing you know, I’m in an art show,” senior David Wall said.

Overall, this year’s VAPA showcase served as a reminder of the importance of giving students a chance to showcase their art. Not only did it help current VAPA students show their art, but the showcase also encouraged new students to participate during the upcoming school year.

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