Adela Maslerova: Artist of many mediums

By: Ally Najera and Abigail Carillo


She sits with her sketchbook in her lap and a pencil in hand, with a vision in mind. While she does not aim for perfection, she is ready to express herself through different shapes and color schemes that she can already envision going into her piece. The process of creating a piece of art, whether a painting or a simple sketch, can take a good amount of time before the final product is achieved, but it is this process that senior Adela Maslerova, enjoys. 

Maslerova is a very creative individual with the ability to take inspiration from the world around her and utilize that in her art. That passion for art stemmed from an early age. 

“I started drawing before I can even remember. My parents tell the story that when I was two years old I carried around the same four colored pencils with me everywhere I went,” Maslerova said. 

Creating art is her way of making a personal statement and connecting the mind and body with the world around her. Instead of being overwhelmed by the realities of her life, she expresses herself through paper and canvas. Maselrova he attempts to convey the emotions she is feeling at the time of each work’s creation into her artwork in the hopes that others will be able to comprehend those same emotions. 

“Art allows me to explore the parts of myself that I am not conscious of. There exists raw emotion in art that transcends the limits of my perspective and drives me to perceive the world and myself in a very different way. I think that’s beautiful,” Maslerova said.

During her time as an artist she has experimented with a variety of styles and techniques and does not restrict herself to any particular style. This variation of mediums allows her to emulate the different emotions that she is trying to capture in her artwork and in turn creates an interesting diversity in her pieces.  

“I like to constantly switch up the materials and techniques I use. Throughout my life I have done paintings, drawings, ceramics, and crafts. I also experimented with all kinds of paints, pastels, watercolors, and pencils. However I would say that I most enjoy simple drawings with graphite,” Maslerova said. 

 To Maslerova, inspiration is vital and without it she feels there would be nothing to create. Her personal inspiration is the famous surrealist painter Salvador Dali. Dali is known for his eccentric and intricate pieces of art, which Maslerova adores. However, she still appreciates a simple sketch. Her love of simplicity tells a story about her as an artist, someone who is able to see the beauty in even the simplest things. 

Though becoming a professional artist is not her main goal, she will continue to create art in order to express herself. She will also continue to use art to process the world around her in her own way.

“I don’t care what becomes of my artwork as long as I am doing it for the right reasons. My only goal when it comes to my work is to stop aiming for perfection since it is unattainable,” Maslerova said.

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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