GHC applies for SB740 grant

Granada Hills Charter (GHC) is in the process of completing an application for California Senate Bill 740, which will result in additional funds for the Devonshire campus.

Through SB 740, the 2001 Charter School Facility Grant Program will provide funding to charter schools for expenses related to renting school facilities if they are eligibility.

The funds from this grant must be used toward lease or rental payments. However, those funds that GHC would have been paying toward the lease and rent will now be freed up. 

In order to expand the previous Pinecrest campus into the new TK8 school, GHC has invested money in construction on the new campus which will benefit future students. When GHC successfully receives the grant money from SB 740, the money it frees in the general fund will be used toward the debt incurred due to the expansion of the Devonshire campus buildings as well as other academic and operational expenses. 

“GHC is fortunate to have access to these funds, as the additional dollars support the expansion of our academic program to the TK-8 grade levels,” Chief Business and Operations Officer Erin Lillibridge said.

In order to be eligible for the grant, GHC needs to have 55 percent or higher of its students qualify for the free or reduced lunch meal program. Even with the addition of the TK-8 campus, GHC does not yet qualify. However, the grant program allows for this by also looking at the elementary schools nearby which includes both the Devonshire campus and Andasol Elementary. In order to include these students in our numbers, GHC needs to write in a clause in the charter petition that grants preferential enrollment to students from these schools. GHC has successfully added that language to our petition.

There are other technical eligibility requirements the school is currently working toward fulfilling as well.

The money will go a long way toward helping new TK-8 campus because it will help further develop the buildings and programs begun this year. As GHC hopes to expand the number of students, as well as the buildings to accommodate them, the freeing of general fund money will also be able to go toward academic programs. There are big things expected to happen on both Granada campuses.

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