Granada Hills Charter hosts annual homecoming dance featuring Great Gatsby theme

By: Jennifer Liyanage




On Saturday October 19, Granada Hills Charter (GHC) hosted their 1920s themed Great Gatsby homecoming dance in the large gym, small gym, and parts of the field. 

While the change in traditional venue due to construction left some in doubt, this year’s homecoming dance was still the pivotal high schooler moment it always has been. The change in location actually made the dance better because it allowed more space for tables, a large dance floor, and more photo booths. 

With flashing lights, fabulous outfits, and most of all fun with friends, Homecoming was a big success.

When walking into the large gym, students would take a walk down an iconic red carpet channeling a 1920s Hollywood movie premiere. Upon entering the purple-tinted room, students were able to enjoy a variety of food at the dessert table which included cupcakes, doughnuts, and different sorts of candy. Towards the sides of the gym, there were photo booths available for students who wanted to take photos together on such a memorable night. The center of the gym was left empty, so students could dance to music and connect with friends. 

Outside the gym, there were extra tables for students to play enjoyable games like Jenga and various card games. Although there is always an iconic form of transportation at the school’s homecoming dances, like the Cinderella themed pumpkin carriage and the “Back to the Future” car from years before, what stood out most to those who came this year was the antique carriage which guests could take pictures around. 

Contrary to previous DJs who played older music, this year’s DJ included more contemporary music in a variety of styles including hip hop, modern Spanish, and pop.  

“It was my first homecoming dance, and I really enjoyed it a lot. It really didn’t feel like we were in our school’s gym. I had a lot of fun dancing with my friends, as well as seeing other people enjoy themselves,” junior Kaysel Dancel said. 

The homecoming court who were introduced during the homecoming football game made another appearance when they were announced to the crowd. Seniors voted for king and queen, juniors voted for prince and princess, and sophomores voted for duke and duchess.

Staff who chaperoned to monitor students also had a good time, many of whom dressed to match the theme. 

“I thought it was very nice, well organized, and the gym was really nice. Although I didn’t dress for theme, I know one of the teachers who did. I’m glad that the students looked like they enjoyed it,” history teacher Lara Willig said. 

The 2019 homecoming dance turned out to be more of a success despite the obstacles faced due to construction on campus. The dance exceeded the expectations of students and staff showing that even with plumbing issues, the Associated Student Body is able to create events that provide a good time for all.

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