Seahawks take away the 49er’s undefeated title

imageBy: Daniel Guerrero

On November 11, the Seattle Seahawks beat the San Francisco 49ers with a score of 27-24 at the Levi Stadium in a very intense game in which the 49ers lost their undefeated title and possibly ruined their number one ranking.

The Seahawks team was able to score a total of three touchdowns and field goals at the end of the night. These scores would not have happened if it weren’t for Jadeveon Clowny scoring the first touchdown for the team towards the end of the 2nd quarter by catching the ball and running towards the box from the 13-yard line with it. 

As for the 49ers, they scored a total of three touchdowns and two field goals. They began the game very strong, where Kendrick Bourne scored the first and second touchdown within the first three quarters. The team also stood out for their defensive plays, as Deforest Buckner was able to score a touchdown due to sacking Wilson as well as making him fumbled with the ball on the field.  

However, they lost their momentum during overtime. 

“I’m a Niners fan, so I believe that the Niners played well defensively, but offensively the wide receivers dropped a lot of balls. Also, injuries hurt the Niners. No excuses, though. The Niners had chances to win, but didn’t carry them out at the end of the game,” senior Miguel Jimenez said. 

The game was very stressful fans due to the extensive overtime, after the teams were  tied 24-24. At that point, it could have been either team’s game. Both teams went head-to-head to prevent the other team from scoring the final game-winning touchdown. 

A minute and 11 seconds into overtime, the Seahawks’s quarterback Russel Wilson was able to run across the field with the ball from the 30-yard line to 40-yard line on the other side. The 49ers were not able to stop him leaving an open gap for him to run across.

Seahawk fans in the stadium roared with excitement, knowing that there was a high possibility that the team might take the win due to them being in a defensive position. Jason Blyers was able to kick a 42-yard field goal that ended the game. This lead players, coaches, and fans to begin their victory celebrations. 

“I knew this game was going to be good from the beginning because the Seahawks rivals are the 49ers who were undefeated. Once the Seahawks won in overtime, I had a lot of emotions. It was a nerve racking experience for me, ” senior Joseph Fuchs said. 

Despite their loss, the 49ers still have the potential to compete in the playoffs due to winning a total of eight games. Not only that, the team recently signed  rookie Chase McLauglin, who made all three field goal of that night and is the first Illinois player to score three 50-yard-plus field goals in three games in a row. Besides that, this further builds up a lot of hope from Seahawks fans for the team to have the capability to make it through playoffs due to defeating a team that seemed unbeatable at this point of the season. 

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