People are celebrating Christmas too early

For some, the Christmas countdown begins on December 1. For others, it begins the day after Thanksgiving. For the growing majority, however, it begins on 12:00 a.m. on November 1.

In the last few years, it has become especially popular trend to celebrate Christmas earlier than usual. Christmas songs and holiday sales pick up as November begins, skipping over the last month of fall entirely in order to anticipate for the worldwide winter holiday.

However, just as people do not tend to celebrate their birthdays months in advance, Christmas should not be celebrated early. When we begin celebrating too early, we risk a growing indifference for Christmas as we hear the same songs and see the same advertisements continuously for not just a few weeks, but months. When the holiday season actually begins, many do not experience the same joy for Christmas since it has been anticipated for so long that it becomes mundane.

It is important to note that big companies take advantage of the pre-Christmas excitement many feel during the month of November. This phenomenon is called the Christmas Creep, in which stores intentionally begin their holiday sales before Thanksgiving in order to attract more customers to their merchandise.

This year, for example, Walmart began their holiday season sales one week before Halloween began. Target also made adjustments in late October that saw them expanding their payroll in order to accommodate for more employee hours during the holiday season, according to their press release on October 23.

Additionally, stores like Starbucks have sold special Christmas beverages and cups since the beginning of November. These drinks include Eggnog, Peppermint Mocha, Toasted White Chocolate, and the Caramel Brulée Latte. 

It comes as no surprise that retail stores are starting the holiday season months before Christmas, considering the financial success given to retailers who engage in the practice. In 2018, businesses made a total of $126 billion on holiday e-commerce sales starting from the beginning of November, according to Business Insider. 

Even though some businesses, like Nordstrom, still begin their holiday season sales after Thanksgiving ends, the increasing amount of retailers preparing us to buy Christmas deals well before the holiday even starts is unmistakable. 

Of course, it should be acknowledged that there is no harm done if someone decides to begin their Christmas celebrations earlier than usual. However, too much of a good thing gets tiring over time. Where is the magic in a holiday that is celebrated for three months?

Winter begins in December, not in September, October, or November. In order to preserve the integrity of Christmas for the coming generations, we should continue the tradition of preparing for the holiday season when December actually begins.

As a result, each holiday should have its respective time for anticipation and build-up. The entire month of October should be for Halloween. The entire month of November should be for Thanksgiving. Lastly, the entire month of December should be for Christmas.

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