Boys baseball dominates Dodgeball Inferno

In a showdown that featured the likes of the All Powerful Fire-Breathing Rubber Duckies, the Gods, and the Deca Dimes, the Diablos (the boys baseball team), ultimately took home the gold at the annual senior Dodgeball Inferno competition on January 23rd. 

Various groups from across the school participated in this event. While there were mostly athletic teams partaking in the event, elective teams and friend groups also competed. This diverse competition allowed for many students, regardless of their athletic backgrounds, to enjoy the event and watch their friends face off for the championship.

“Dodgeball Inferno is an amazing way to bring seniors together with music and competitions. The hosts of the game also had some pretty good roasts,” senior Maxine Santos said. 

The competition consisted of timed, six minute matches. Each team sent out a maximum of ten players to participate in each round. While the main goal of the competition is to eliminate one’s opponents, some teams explored different strategies in order to advance to the next round.

Teams like the football team, the Gods, and the boys’ volleyball team, the All Powerful Fire-Breathing Rubber Duckies, quickly took down most of their opponents by hitting them directly with the dodgeballs. However, not all teams advanced by simply focusing on an offensive attack.

One team that exhibited an unusual way of emerging victorious was the Dance Team. This team eliminated their opponents by catching the dodgeballs and avoided being hit by them. The rules of the game allow for players who catch the dodgeballs to not only bring back one of their own team members, but to eliminate the person who threw the ball, and the Dance Team took advantage of this strategy. At one point, the Dance Team was down to three participants, but this technique helped them move onto the second round. Their victory marked a turning point in the competition, which revitalized the crowd to an impressive extent. 

As the competition raged on, four final teams were left to participate in the semi-finals. Those included Deca Dimes, the Gods, the Diablos, and the Rubber Duckies. The Gods faced a quick elimination against the Rubber Duckies, but the match between the Diablos and the Deca Dimes proved to be a tighter contest. Their bout lasted until the clock ran out of time.

For the final match, the Rubber Duckies and the Diablos faced off in a best-of-three competition. The Diablos worked efficiently against their opponent, taking the first two games of the set and securing their victory as Dodgeball Inferno champions.

The victory serves as a comeback from the years prior. The last time the boys’ baseball team won Dodgeball Inferno was in 2018. In 2019, the boys’ soccer team, the Daddy’s, emerged victorious as the competition’s champions. This year, the Diablos reclaimed their title as the tournament’s top team. 

“I think it’s an amazing event for students to come together and express their competitiveness and support for one another. Regardless of who wins and loses, Dodgeball Inferno always proves to be a good time for all players and attendees,” senior Nicholas Rumteen said.plaid

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