Teachers have bad dates too

As students, the lives of our teachers are pretty much a complete mystery. There’s are pictures of kids or favorite movie posters displayed in classrooms, but we don’t really get to know our teachers on a more personal level. But because we’re journalists, we get to ask teachers questions everyone wants to know. With Valentine’s Day just a week ago, maybe you had an encounter with that special someone or maybe you went on a date. However, not all dates go well. Most of us have had embarrassing moments with our crushes or on dates, and we have been lucky enough to hear of some really good and embarrassing stories from teachers here at GHC as well.


“There I was, in Johnny Rockets sharing a milkshake. My date had no sense of humor. She responded to one of my quips by pushing me off the raised booth. And I fell down on the floor. I was in the first grade”

Kyle Martindale,  English


“On the second date with my (now) husband, we went to the LA Zoo. On the freeway somebody stopped suddenly and we got rear-ended. It totaled his truck. Four months later, he took the check with the insurance money and used that to buy my engagement ring.”

Stefani Thomas, VAPA


“I was 15 or 16, and went on a double date with my friend Tina. When returning from Tina’s place, one of the guys drove us back to his place and the other said he would be back later. Soon after, he drives straight through the garage. Before you know it, there’s frozen hot dogs all over the kitchen.”

Sherry Cope, Special Programs


“I was really nervous about this date and had my friends go with me and sit at another table to make sure he wasn’t a serial killer. He got buffalo wings and was licking his finger sexily. He asked me questions like ‘What’s the scariest thing that’s ever happened to you?’ and when I answered he would always try to one up me, so we didn’t have anything to talk about. I didn’t order anything, and when we finished he made a point to say ‘I got the bill.’ As we were leaving, he went to say hi to his friend, who was working as a bartender. After the date, my friends, who had the same waiter as us, told me that when he went to ‘say hi’ to the bartender, he was actually asking him to ask the waiter out. He asked out another waiter while on a date with me!”

Erica Brauer, Science


“So I went on a date with someone I actually liked. We went to this nice restaurant and he ended up knowing a lot of the people who worked at this restaurant and spent so much time talking with them. and it was cool at first, but after a while I was just sitting there, awkward, thinking aren’t you supposed to be talking to me?”

Charles Blanco, World Languages


“It was our first Thanksgiving that we were going to do on our own. I got a turkey and everything. The roasting pan came with a plastic lid for transportation, but I thought the turkey was supposed to be baked in it. I checked on the turkey about halfway through. It had a nice, beautiful sheen to it because the plastic had melted and coated the turkey. We had to throw it out, and I was really sad. But, we got a pizza from Pinno’s Pizza, which was my favorite pizza place and it ended up being really nice. We still laugh about it every Thanksgiving. ”

Sean Lewis, IB Coordinator


“I once went on a date with a dentist. We went out to the movies and the entire time he was chewing tobacco and spitting into a cup. And he’s a dentist, like shouldn’t he know that’s bad for your teeth?! He was a good guy but I never went on another date with him because that was just disgusting. ”

Robin Moreno, Social Studies


“A co-worker told me that she had this friend who was a cop and was interested in me. I thought since he was in law enforcement that he would have interesting stories. We went on a blind date, and out of nowhere he began starting to talk about his new house, but more specifically, his washer and dryer.  He proceeded to tell me all about the features, and how powerful it was, for thirty 30 minutes, without stopping. Needless to say, we did not go out on a second date because what he most talked about was about his washer and dryer. Whenever we talked about something else, he would go back to his washer and dryer.”

Kristi Vazquez, English

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper