The importance of taking CTE classes at Granada


By Abigail Carrillo

Did you know that there are over ten Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses that you can enroll in at Granada Hills Charter(GHC)? Some of these classes include culinary arts, introduction to business, and auto shop. All CTE classes introduce students to specific career skills needed for different jobs that they may pursue in the future. They prepare students by not only developing specific skill sets, but also by giving learning opportunities for real-world responsibilities. 

CTE courses give students the chance to experience various careers in the classroom where they learn job skills and business practices as well as learn about hands-on work environments.

“I was skeptical about taking introduction to business just because I have never been interested or introduced to finances, but I have actually learned a lot about business startups and how to handle money properly when running a successful business,” senior Daniella Amaya said. 

CTE courses are different from the common core classes, focusing more on real world knowledge. While common core classes like English and history teach skills needed in the future, CTE courses are much more specific in giving knowledge about the careers like those in the automotive and business industries.

CTE classes are designed to help teenagers that are soon to be part of the labor force in the near future. Experienced industry professionals will help develop the critical thinking skills and hands-on skills that will ensure successful careers and college readiness before graduation. 

“I really love [culinary arts] and the chef instructor. She has taught me a lot about how to cook and I have actually used what I’ve learned at home to make meals for myself and my family,” senior Heather Miller said. 

Culinary arts, taught by Chef Katherine Silberling is one of the most popular CTE courses available on campus.

“By taking Culinary I have learned that guys can cook too and it really defies toxic masculinity. I have also learned that you can’t rely on fast food forever and when I get hungry I can make eggs by myself,” senior Kenneth Daniels said. 

CTE classes can also apply to elective credits required for graduation. So when you are choosing your courses for next year when we’re back on campus, consider taking a CTE course to add some real world knowledge to the textbook knowledge you’ll gain in your core classes.

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