Re-watching movies and TV shows bring people comfort in uncertain times


By Katrina Gabrelian

Much like eating one’s favorite childhood dish or finding sentimental memorabilia, watching a favorite show or movie moving reminds us of a simpler time. The familiarity of characters and settings are a source of comfort in a time of uncertainty and doubt. During the movie, show, or even video game, you are reminded of the characters who you love and the memories you have with your friends watching the same movie. You feel a sense of comfort and forget all the troubles of the world. 

Whether people are binge-watching a Netflix series or playing their favorite video games, people are using different entertainment mediums as a source of escape and comfort from the troubles of reality in these times. 

People seek sources of normalcy when it seems like normal is really a distant entity. With the ever changing COVID- 19 pandemic and the new life everyone has been forced to adjust to, regularity is something that people crave.  

In addition to the comfort people feel seeing familiar faces on the screen, people often find the idea of knowing how a series or movie ends just as comforting. Whether it be due to a global pandemic or the craziness that is everyday life, people often feel overwhelmed and uncertain about the future. However, knowing the ending or the main plot points limits the amount of surprises and allows the viewer to feel that they are in control. 

However, not everyone chooses to re-watch the same things over and over again. Instead, they choose to explore new options that are unpredictable and engaging. Some find comfort in the unknown and may choose to immerse themselves in a crazy murder-mystery or reality tv series instead. 

While people become invested in what they are watching, they forget the rest of their worries and troubles. 

We are all living in peculiar times and are trying to find different ways to cope with our mixed emotions. Entertainment media is a comfort and escape. However we choses to spend our time, it is important to remember that we are not the only ones feeling lost in these unprecedented times. Next time you turn on the tv or screen, consider calling up a friend and watching together, even if it’s from different couches.

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