How to stay sane during quarantine


By Jennifer Liyanage

Most people would have little difficulty admitting that quarantine under the stay-at-home orders is boring and causing many of us to go a little stir crazy inside the limits of their homes. But what can we do to keep ourselves sane during this social isolation? To answer this, I set out to find what teenagers can do while stuck at home. 

To work or not to work?

After conducting a survey via Google forms, I discovered that one of the most common activities that my peers thought helped keep their sanity intact was actually doing school work. Although school work has a reputation of causing students stress and anxiety, with all the free time students have now, doing homework during quarantine has kept them from being consumed by utter boredom. However, it’s key not to be too hard on yourself if the focus just isn’t there all the time. Distractions are understandable.

Exercise and the great outdoors

Despite the fact that going outside and getting some fresh air might be a little daunting right now, many swear by its calming powers. Exercise is important for human health, whether done inside or outside, and sometimes simply exercising can keep you from losing your mind while on lockdown. Whether this means going for a walk outside or doing some push ups in your room, physical activity is a great way to beat the boredom. 

According to the Better Health Channel, physical activity or exercise can also improve your health by reducing the risk of developing several diseases like type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Just look up workout videos online to get you pumped up and motivated; though if you don’t want to work out because that’s just not for you, there are always other ways to cope with being in quarantine. 

“I started working out to take up time during the quarantine, but I also wanted to be more fit for after it ends. I have taken this time off to really look in the mirror and make a change for the betterment of my life. I have [also] really wanted to try and make a change for so many years and this quarantine has helped me do that,” junior Hayden Ducharme said. 

Connections with your loved ones

Of course one of the most popular activities of this quarantine is staying connected with friends and family through different mediums of technology. Calling or video chatting helps a lot of teenagers stay sane because it is an alternative to seeing their friends at school or a gathering with their family. Though, many teenagers have the urge to physically go out with their friends during this time, it’s important to set boundaries because safety should be the number one priority for everyone. 

Get creative

Doing something creative  also seems to be a popular way to stay entertained while under quarantine. Not all of us are world-class painters, but everyone has a creative streak in there somewhere. Many of my peers invest their time journaling, enjoying adult coloring books, or creating DIY items like stickers; which are all easy and healthy ways to get your creative juices flowing. 

Exploring new recipes and experimenting with different foods may also be a way to get creative and stay sane while stuck at home. 

“I like to cook different stuff but mostly Mexican food because of my culture. For instance, I made a plate called chile rellenos for my family. I enjoy cooking because it brings back good memories. It also helps me stay busy during this quarantine and at the same time it lets me practice my skills more,” junior Karina Valencia said. 

When there’s nothing left

If all else fails, and there’s nothing left to do, young folks are turning to our tried and true method of entertainment: reality television. Not only that but you catch up on trends through social media, binge-watch Netflix shows like “Tiger King: Muder, Mayhem, and Madness,” or just take a nap because sometimes that might just be the best option.

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