Stay at home and away from the beach

200323002623-03-california-beach-coronavirus-0321-exlarge-169By Lizbeth Solorzano 

When I was in elementary school, my teacher would hold students in the classroom until everyone was quiet, and it was only when we all cooperated that we would finally be able to go outside and enjoy playtime. However, there was always that one problematic kid who refused to obey the rules and disrupted the class. Because of one student’s selfish behavior, everyone had to suffer the consequences of reduced playtime and stay inside the classroom longer.

This example is analogous to people ignoring statewide Stay-at-Home orders, risking the spread of COVID-19 and forcing everyone else to stay in their homes and self-quarantine for an even longer period of time. 

Summer is around the corner, and I despise California’s 90+ degree weather as much as the next person, but I have to abide by the rules and stay inside instead of enjoying the splashes of ocean water at the beach for the health and safety of myself, my family, and my neighbors.

Refusing to cooperate with the practice of social distancing is beyond irresponsible, and having to bear witness to such behavior is infuriating. The sooner everyone takes responsibility and stays home, the sooner the pandemic will be over. One might think that social distancing can still take place on beaches since they cover large stretches of land and sea, but if everyone has that mentality, crowds will inevitably form, especially since most are eager to get out after being restricted to their homes for over a month. 

“Those images are an example of what not to see,” Governor Gavin Newsom said in a Fox 11 news report, when images of groups of people sitting on the beach were brought to his attention. 

If this behavior continues, how do we expect the coronavirus curve to flatten enough to move out of the Stay-at-Home orders? Despite parking restrictions and attempts by local officials to subdue crowds, states have been unable to prevent large gatherings from forming.
“Having any kind of activity where you know the people are going to be mingling together, exposes even asymptomatic people and infects other people, prolonging the surge of cases ramping up again, over and over again,” Andres Romero, a doctor at Providence Saint John’s Medical Center, said in a Fox 11 news report. 

Limiting hours and restricting parking for beachgoers will end up being a disaster. People hardly follow the rules now in regards to Stay-At-Home orders. It is only a matter of time before selfishness kicks in, which will lead to more people flocking to the beach.

Those who cannot follow even the simplest rule of keeping a distance of six feet should not be rewarded with permission to go to the beach. I ask that you, please, do not be the kid that disrupts the class because no one wants to stay inside the classroom any longer. We want to go out and play. 

Author: Plaid Press

Granada Hills Charter High School newspaper

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