Drive-ins offer a unique Halloween experience

By Emily Garcia

Halloween is coming up, and although this year won’t be the same, there’s no better way to safely celebrate than going to a Halloween drive-in. As Covid-19 cases unfortunately remain on the rise, drive-ins are a great way to spend time with family and friends while being in the comfort of your own car as well as social distancing. It is a fun way to lift the mood this season. 

There are many local locations offering drive-in movies. The premise of a drive-in is that you park in an outdoor and watch the film on a large screen from the comfort of your own car. Often drive-in theaters have snacks to purchase as well. They are usually first come first serve, so getting there early for a better view is a must. You have to buy tickets depending on location, but it generally isn’t any more than your local movie theater pricing.

This weekend, the Los Angeles Equestrian Center is continuing its “Huluween” Drive in and showing films such as “Hocus Pocus” and “Books of Blood.” There is also a drive-in at the Sherman Oaks Mall called the San Fernando Valley Drive-in that will be playing “Hotel Transylvania” and “Scream” this weekend. There are many more drive-ins popping up in the area, however.

Some drive-ins are even pet-friendly so bringing your pet could enhance your experience. Since there are no outdoor speakers, you can switch to an FM radio in your car to hear the movie as loud as you need to for better quality sound. This makes the encounter more intriguing. 

For older teens and adults, there are scary movie marathons consisting of gore and complete horror. Series of films such as “Saw,” “It,” “Paranormal Activity,” “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” and more, will come to life from your car. One of the coolest venues for this is at the Roosevelt Hotel, which is itself purported to be haunted. They propose all of the same rules and experiences as any other drive-in and some may even have decorations with lights just to tie it all off. All drive-ins last approximately two hours depending on film length. 

While it is sad to have to celebrate Halloween mostly indoors this year and away from all crowds and activities, little things like these drive-ins are what make it memorable.

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