ASB hosts first virtual Spirit Week

By Jennifer Liyanage

The last week of October, the Associated Student Body (ASB) hosted their first virtual Spirit Week including four days of Disney inspired festive activities and one celebrating Halloween. Students participated via Instagram, where they used the Granada Hills Charter (GHC) Spirit Week Instagram filter corresponding with their grade level and tagged their classes’ Instagram account in their posts. 

Monday, “Lemonade Mouth” Day:

For “Lemonade Mouth” Day, students were encouraged to show off their favorite band/artist merchandise. This day was inspired by the beloved Disney movie “Lemonade Mouth,” about a group of high schoolers who met in detention and later started a famous band together called “Lemonade Mouth” because of their love for “Mel’s Lemonade.”

Tuesday, “Ratatouille” Day:

“Ratatouille” Day encouraged students to post their culinary creations on Instagram. This was a day inspired by Disney Pixar’s “Ratatouille” about Remy, a rat who dreams of becoming a great chef and achieves his dreams through the help of a bumbling human sous-chef Linguini.

Wednesday, Ohana Day:

Ohana (family) Day, also known as “Lilo and Stitch” Day, encouraged students to wear tropical clothing and spend time with their families. This day was influenced by Disney’s “Lilo & Stitch,” about a young Hawaiian girl named Lilo who unknowingly adopts the galaxy’s most wanted extraterrestrial, a small and ugly “dog” who she names Stitch. 

Thursday, “Good Luck Charlie” Day:

For “Good Luck Charlie” Day, students had the opportunity to post a short video about their lives on Instagram. Many students grew up watching “Good Luck Charlie” on Disney Channel which showcased the lives of the children in the Ducan family who become responsible for caring for Charlie, their new baby sister, while their parents are away at work. Teddy, the eldest sister, creates a video diary as a nugget of wisdom for Charlie every episode. 

Friday, Halloween Day:

In honor of Halloween on Saturday, October 31, students were encouraged to wear their halloween costumes to class. Although students could not participate in the Halloween contest as in previous years, students were still able to submit pictures of their costumes to be featured in the yearbook.

“Spirit week usually leads up to homecoming, which was not held this year, but instead we had spirit week coincide with Halloween. We did this because we know that many Halloween activities this year are cancelled so we wanted spirit week to be an event that raised student morale at a time when students may feel sad they are missing out on normal life,” Prasad said. 

Participation from each class was accounted for by the co-chairs of Spirit Week, junior Isabel Prasad and freshman Aayushi Garg, to finalize a winner. Spirit points were calculated through the use of Instagram posts and different filters created especially for Spirit Week. In total, there were over 260 Spirit Week posts and 2,000 plus interactions with the Instagram filters. The class that showed the most participation during this year’s virtual Spirit Week was the class of 2022. 

“We really had to focus on making appealing publicity online including Instagram posts, an exciting promo video, a Chromebook background, putting info on the Granada website, and announcing it at class council meetings since we could not use posters around school or PA announcements like previous years. Additionally, we tried to pick a nostalgic Disney theme that students would feel excited to participate in despite the difficult times,” Prasad said.

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