Writing Center expands to middle school

By Grace Mundy

Recently, Granada Hills Charter (GHC) expanded the Writing Center to include the TK-8 school, now opening their services to middle school students as well. This will offer an opportunity for younger students to work on and improve their writing skills.

“Working with students from the TK-8 school was a great experience! It’s wonderful to see such creative and intelligent minds becoming old enough to share their creativity with others. Some of these students have such great ideas and plans for the future. I am glad that I was able to be alongside them,” Academic Mentor for the Writing Center and senior Komal Sandhu said.

The main goal of the Writing Center is to offer one-on-one peer support for those seeking to better their writing skills. Students who visit the Writing Center are assisted by student mentors who help edit and revise their writing. It gives the opportunity for students to grow as writers, while allowing high school tutors to help their peers.

“Students can attend the Writing Center and work with fellow Granada students to improve their writing skills. Not only that, but our Academic Mentors also learn valuable lessons in leadership, collaboration, and tutoring,” English teacher and Writing Center advisor Arianna Smith said.

By further opening the Writing Center, a whole new group of students will have access to this resource. This will also give students of a variety of ages the opportunity to learn from those younger or older than them.

“The expansion to the TK-8 school offers the students and mentors more opportunities for learning and growth. With this expansion, our Academic Mentors can experience working with younger students, and the middle school students have the opportunity to learn from older students. We are very excited about the opportunities this expansion offers both students and mentors,” Smith said.

The Writing Center first opened in 2017 and has gradually developed over several years from primarily working with just a couple grade levels to now two different campuses. The Writing Center originally began with around 30 tutors, and has since grown to include about 40 Academic Mentors.

However, something that hasn’t changed in the Writing Center is its goals. With the founding students seeking to assist their peers with writing, the Writing Center has furthered this, and is now available to a new demographic of students. The Writing Center has provided an opportunity for growth for both students attending and mentors alike, even during a pandemic. Now, even more people will benefit from this program.  “This helps so many students. Many times students come in confused and leave with a good amount of knowledge on how to proceed with their assignment. One of the fascinating things about the Writing Center is that we encourage students to figure out their writing assignment through our discussions with them, and seeing students improving on their own is very rewarding,” Sandhu said.