Drake Drops “Scary Hours 2” EP

By Natalie Luna

Last month, Drake dropped “Scary Hours 2” which is the sequel to his 2018 EP “Scary Hours.” The three track EP includes “What’s Next,” “Wants and Needs” featuring Lil Baby, and “Lemon Pepper Freestyle” featuring Rick Ross. 

This EP overall operates as a campaign launch for Drake’s upcoming new album “Certified Lover Boy.” 

Across all three tracks, the main themes at play are: fame, family, and love. This album offers a sneak peek into the rapper’s life and more importantly, a preview of what’s in store for Drake overall as an artist. I felt a sense of familiarity while listening to the EP. Even though the sounds and bass of the tracks are slightly different, I could recognize some of his other songs from different albums within it.

“Lemon Pepper Freestyle” is easily the most impressive song out of the three, lyrically. Drake on this track sounds more focused and overall more upbeat. We hear Drake get personal in the lengthy verse. As a Drake fan, I have always preferred when his songs are more genuine than his meaningless boasts. On this track, he reflects on his success, and provides insight on what it’s like going to parent-teacher conferences even as the huge star he is. “Wives get googly-eyed / Regardless of what they husbands do to provide / Askin’ if I know Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj.”

“Wants and Needs” has instrumentals that are both vibrant and moody, with melodies that wash over the low bass tones. However, it’s Lil Baby that steals the show. He dished out bar after bar of endless boastful rap. Drake is almost just part of the background with his smooth voice hovering over the chill instrumentals. His verse is catchy and easy to sing along with, but not the star.

Overall, Drake did a phenomenal job with his “warm up” album. He did what he always does, released good tracks that everyone likes and can listen to on their car radios. If the next album is anywhere close to what “Certified Lover Boy” has to offer this year, we already know we can expect more record-breaking headlines soon in the year.