A Covid senior year has some positive impacts

Photo courtesy of Brett Jordan, Unsplash

By Emily Garcia

Senior year is supposed to be every high schooler’s dream. No one would have expected for theirs to hit a complete road block. Since 2020, Covid-19 has impacted thousands of students all over the world from countless schools. Having to stay quarantined at home with online learning can be pretty tough. However, this is especially difficult  for seniors, considering big events such as prom and graduation have been canceled or altered due to safety issues. 

It wasn’t the same for the class of 2020 and it isn’t the same for us. 

 Senior year is supposed to be fun, lightweight, and full of interaction. It’s the year everyone waits for. Many of us have faced challenges like not being able to see friends everyday and not being able to do the fun school events and activities we have waited for. You only get one prom, and one high school graduation, after all. This should be the one time of year where you are relieved to have finished high school strong. It’s not the best feeling in the world to have been told you might not enjoy any of that. 

My senior year actually hasn’t been that bad, though. I wake up, go straight to my computer for class, and finish the day off around noon. I have the whole day to myself after that. Although online learning may not be as effective as in-person learning, it’s generally working out pretty well.

Although some genuinely want to go back because they miss a traditional classroom learning setting, I think the main reason some students want to go back is because people miss social interaction with friends. 

I would have loved to go and see my friends everyday if I could; however, being alone has actually made me feel like I can be more myself and spend time on my own priorities I am much more able to accomplish activities that I had no time for before Covid because I was so focused on having sufficient time for my studies both during the 8 hour school day and after. 

I admit that I am a bit bummed about not having a traditional prom or graduation, but I still wouldn’t change any of my senior year. 

Although I may have a minority opinion on this, I do think our senior year as it has been will have a positive effect on our future. Being at home has encouraged seniors to apply for colleges they wouldn’t have usually applied to, or even to take a gap year. Seniors are also not obligated to take SATs or ACT’s for college, which I think is a huge opportunity to show who you truly can be without numbers and letters choosing for you. 

Employers are also looking for lots of help to support their businesses as society opens back up, so having work on the side can benefit a large number of young adults as well both with extra income and work experience. 

Although this year isn’t what we expected, trying to make the best out of it is the only option. There will be more exciting opportunities in your life that will have a greater impact. So enjoy what you can and think about the positive experiences, emotions, and reflections you received from staying at home.