Granada Hills Charter hosts Senior Days for 2021 graduating students

By Jennifer Liyanage

Thursday and Friday afternoons of last week, Granada Hills Charter (GHC) staff hosted on-campus activities for seniors. Students were joined by several teachers from various departments. Alongside the staff, ASB representatives were on campus to assist students in activities.

Before entering campus, seniors and staff were required to have a negative COVID-19 test, and a signed parent consent form. 

Once on campus, students were able to take a nostalgic walk from the P.E. field to M building where they were assigned a classroom in Q building with other seniors and staff. There, desks were spaced out to keep students socially distanced. Each student was given a bag of goodies which included an autograph book, stickers, bubble wands, markers and more.They were able to use these for the planned activities. 

“The most nostalgic part of being on campus was walking around the Quad because I remembered all the times I was in that area, either walking from class to class or spending time with my friends,” senior Anette Germirlian said. 

Seniors were also given paint and a canvas so they could show off their creative abilities while completing a small art project for the senior class. Those students each chose a word which they believed described their high school experience and incorporated it into their small painting. The goal was to create a wall of words that would commemorate the class of 2021. 

While painting, seniors and staff listened to music and chatted with each other making up for the lost time that was spent isolated during distance learning. 

Within the Q building classrooms, students and staff played games like Pictionary and Hang Man together on the class whiteboards. 

After an hour inside the classrooms, they set up outdoor games at the small grassy area behind the AG building. The games included bean bag toss, giant Connect 4, giant Jenga, and giant Tic Tac Toe. Drama teacher Stuart Fingeret also set up a game called Bippity Boppity (a game commonly played in his drama class) where students were joined by English teacher Maureen Grandchamp in seeing how quick they could act on demand.  

Even the teachers joined in the outdoor fun. Students watched while social studies teacher Colin Strand and Spanish teacher David Gumbiner played Jenga and English teachers Melissa Spaulding and Maureen Grandchamp competed with each other in bean bag toss. 

During that outdoor fun time, students took pictures with Polaroid cameras provided by GHC in front of the large cardboard numbers that displayed “2021.” 

“I realized I miss socially interacting with people at school and am making up for missing the last bits of my childhood,” senior Ryan Mulvey said. 

After using lots of energy to play outdoor games, students and staff were able to take a walk around campus to admire the construction-free, green-grassed, quiet school they once attended before COVID-19. For those seniors who are not participating by attending the in-person learning option in the remaining weeks, this will be the last time they would step foot on campus as a GHC student until graduation. 

“The thing I miss most about school was the sheer amount of people that were there before distance learning. You would think nobody misses that, and it wasn’t so much the people but the presence of people I miss. It was a luxury to accidentally bump into people or to stumble over shoes. Things like squeezing through the lunch line or bending between students to get to my seat are things that I’m no longer able to do and aspects I miss. Being around a lot of people made finding my own quiet space in the school much more valuable,” senior Kaitlynn Gray said.