Graduation is a symbol of change

Photo by Zachary Olson, via Unsplash

By Emily Garcia

Although many focus on the physical ceremony of graduation, such as walking on stage, caps and gowns, and receiving a diploma; the true meaning of graduation is so much more. Graduation is a symbolic celebration of all of the accomplishments and hard work that have been achieved in past years. 

Graduating from high school is a big milestone in a teen’s life because we have been working toward it for 18 years. 

All of the work and study we put into school that causes us sleepless nights and missed activities has finally paid off. The purpose of school is to teach us in order to prepare us for the future, so now we are ready for the next chapter. No matter what path we take moving forward, it’s a new beginning to adulthood. Our lives are ahead of us and we can choose what to do with them. 

One choice that many make is college. College is a big change from high school but what comes with it makes it all worth it. College offers us the opportunity for true independence by searching for a career of our choice. It is time to finally let go of relying on others and find what truly makes us happy. 

Many students anticipate this day, yet many will also miss what it represents once we have moved on. We will miss meeting up with friends, talking to teachers and classmates, and even doing school activities.

The hard part can be saying goodbye to friends and maybe even family. Starting off your new life means you have to sacrifice old habits and replace them with better ones, ones that will help move you toward your goals and encourage you on the way there. 

Overall, high school prepares you for the hardships that come with life. It prepares you for showing up at a certain time, absorbing information and using it to your advantage, socializing with different kinds of people, etc. We may believe our time there is boring and a waste, but soon we’ll be wishing to go back. 

And graduation is the summation of all of these feelings. We walk toward the stage as a high school student and leave as someone else. We move our tassels from one side to the other to symbolize that we are ready to take on new challenges.