“Free Guy” is both smart and fun

By Lily Angel

“Free Guy”  might just be the most compelling video game-like movie ever. Should movies like “Ready Player One,” “Wreck It Ralph,” and “The Matrix” be worried? Yes, yes they should because the cast of “Free Guy” sets it over the top with its charisma.

  Director Shawn Levy’s “Free Guy” is about an NPC (non-playable character) bank teller named Guy (Ryan Reynolds) who loves his life from everyday punches in the face to the causal robbery, and of course who can forget the explosions. However, that all changes one day when Guy is hit with the reality that he lives in a video game when he puts on sunglasses, and is swarmed with vivid colors. He then has to grapple with the idea of his life being a part of a video game while finding the girl of his dreams. If that weren’t enough, he also has to save his world before it’s too late.

“Free Guy” hit the box office with $28.4 million on its opening weekend. Part of the reason for the film’s success was Levy’s decision to use actors from large-scale fandoms alongside popular stars making cameos. The cast had a great rapport which was contagious for the audience.

What makes “Free Guy” extraordinary as an addition to a fairly large list of similar movies is the script which is both playful and fun without being overly cheesy.  The witty banter uses comedy in such a way that it rivals the spectacular explosions and other effects. One of the funnier scenes that had the audience laughing was when the characters continually commented on Guy’s “dewy skin.” The comedic timing was perfect for this action movie.

On a similar note, the visuals, graphics, and music were on point. Nearly every scene in the movie is astounding. An example of this is when Guy puts on the sunglasses and sees his world for the first time as a video game. The lighting and fast-paced sounds surrounding Guy as he puts on his sunglasses and is exposed to the video game for the first time was incredible.

Although some critics argue that the narrative of being stuck in a fake world has been done already and  “Free Guy” is just another borrowing from other successful franchises, “Free Guy” has a sense of comedy that other movies like “Ready Player One,” “The Truman Show,” and “The Matrix” just can’t beat. “Free Guy”  is able to resonate with the audience through comedic dialog in a tremendous manner and alongside the overall cheerful, lighthearted attitude.

It is the hilarious dialogue and breathtaking cinematography that make this movie absolutely entertaining.