Fans do change the atmosphere of Friday football games

By Erick Joven

Last week, Granada Hills Charter (GHC) students were able to see what it would normally look like inside John Elway Stadium at GHC on a game night. The biggest game of the school year took place at Kennedy High School, our rival school, and fans were allowed into the stands and the atmosphere was like no other. 

At Friday’s football game, the GHC Highlanders played against the Kennedy Cougars. There were so many people wanting to go to the game that tickets sold out. There was a long line to get into the game and many people were not able to get in.  

That crowd of people impacted the players’ motivation in the game.

“The noise and cheers in the background make the players get more hyped. When it’s empty, it’s just quiet, and so the energy is low,” senior and starting quarterback Michael Hernandez said.

The fans in the stands help the players get their minds in the game. The fans take part in the effort of the players. Coming back from a devastating first half, for example, some of the players began to jump up with their arms in the air signaling the fans to make some noise.

“When there are fans there is more motivation, there is more on the line,” junior and starting center Sean Lopez said.

Going to a game on a Friday night is a fall semester norm at GHC. When it is a home game many people go since they do not have to travel. However, fans can no longer do that due to Covid restrictions set by GHC.

Online many posted their frustrations over the fans not being allowed to enter the stadium at the last home game. 

“Granada Hills refuses to allow fans into Friday football game vs. Arleta,” tweeted LA Times columnist Eric Sondheimer. 

This was the first game of the season and people were outraged. Screenshots of the tweet were posted by a majority of players as well as others. 

People found it frustrating when they found out other schools were allowing fans and GHC was not. 

The school is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment, which in this case means not allowing visitors on campus. Many students wonder why that applies to students who have participated in the weekly Covid screenings, however.

The school does offer live-streaming of all football games on their social media feeds.

The most prudent question showing up online and in conversations heard around campus now is what this means for the Homecoming game.