Culinary arts program starts year with renovated kitchen

By Kim Perez

Culinary arts has long been a beloved elective for students. In this class, students are able to learn valuable skills they can take beyond the classroom and use in their daily lives. For many years, the school has been promising an upgrade to the culinary arts kitchen, and this year the construction has been completed.

The school began upgrades to the kitchen in 2017 but has faced several setbacks and delays, most recently due to the pandemic. This is the first renovation to the kitchen since the 1960s.

The renovated kitchen includes a better design for learning and upgraded equipment. New and returning students will have an easier learning experience while using new equipment. 

“I feel excited every time I enter because the energy just feels so nice,” first-time culinary student and senior Samantha Anaya said.

Being able to engage when learning a new skill has helped students feel more passionate to cook. 

“Now that the room is designed as a commercial kitchen space, the students can get experience with the equipment typical to a proper commercial kitchen,” culinary arts teacher Chef Kathryn Silbering said. 

Culinary arts is a skill that can be used professionally as well as in everyday life. 

Returning students are able to learn more difficult techniques with the updated equipment. 

“Insert quote” senior Gweneth Coleman said.

Students and teachers alike are excited about the improvements made and what this means for the new skills they are able to learn, whether that is something as simple as knowing how to read a recipe or something more complex such as confidence maneuvering a busy kitchen. 

“It will be more enjoyable for the students and they will get a more authentic experience. We will be able to make foods that we could not make in the past because we only now have the equipment to do so,” Chef Silberling said.

Overall, this year will bring many new opportunities to the culinary arts class. Both students and staff are thrilled to be able to have this new experience in the updated classroom.