Why do we have a love/hate relationship with astrology?

By Diana Kesablyan

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

With the abundance of time over quarantine as well as the heavy presence of astrological content on TikTok, many of us became interested in the ancient practice of astrology. Whether it’s @aaarantzaaa telling us which signs make the worst love matches or @astroscope acting out common astrological interactions in skits, TikTok certainly brought astrology to our generation over the last year.

However, not everyone is a follower of this trend. Disbelievers of astrology believe that the characteristics of our zodiac signs are too broad and that they can be applied to nearly anyone.

“My twin brother and I are nothing alike. We don’t have the same interests. We don’t dress the same. We don’t even hang out together. That’s why I don’t believe in astrology. We were born on the same day, so doesn’t that mean we should be the same?” Gemini and senior Matthew Chun said. 

However, there are usually other aspects in a person’s astrological chart that more or less define their characteristics as a whole beyond simply their birthdates. 

Nevertheless, the controversy of how the zodiac signs  affect our personalities and values has been present and problematic for years. 

Some who follow astrology are steadfast in their beliefs of the signs. 

“I would never date a Sagittarius man. Are you kidding me? I am so incompatible with them,” Capricorn and senior Artemis Rahmati said. 

Rahmati’s vehemence against Sagittarius men, for example, illustrates that humans have the urge to want to understand people, but most importantly those we are close to. As humans, we have a desire to know and understand as much as we can about people.

 When someone’s whole personality can be boiled down to a few facts that we derive from the date, time, and location of their birth, people tend to  bounce on the information and believe every bit because relationships are one of the most important parts of being human. 

Building connections, having personal involvement, and knowing everything about who you’re talking to. These are all things we wish to accomplish upon meeting or beginning a relationship with an individual. If we are offered this opportunity to know whether or not we will get along with someone, of course we will have to take it.