Senior Day: Seniors petted puppies while other students took PSAT

By Diana Arutyunyan

On Tuesday, October 26, freshmen, sophomores, and juniors took the PSAT,  which is very important because it allows students to practice for the SAT, see what they are expected to know and find out if they are ready for the actual exam.

However, while this very important test occurred, the seniors of the school were having fun. The school offered a special event where seniors could hang out with their friends and enjoy their last year together.

In past years, Senior Day had occurred off-campus whether at Calamigos Ranch, Magic Mountain, or other locations. However, due to Covid, the administration made the decision to host Senior Day on campus this year.

In order to make the day feel more special, seniors were allowed to come at a later time and were also allowed to use their phones contrary to the school’s cell phone policy. 

The school also provided a lot of activities to make Senior Day enjoyable. Students enjoyed playing games like pool and video games, dancing, playing sports, jumping in a bounce house, etc. There was also free food from food trucks that had hamburgers, ice cream, drinks, etc. 

One of the most memorable activities was a section where students could pet puppies. Students spent time petting and taking pictures with the puppies. The puppy petting station had one of the longest lines in the whole event. 

Another popular activity among students was the photo booth. Seniors could take pictures of themselves with their friends and get it printed. 

During Senior Day, students were supposed to follow some rules to stay safe. Although it was impossible to maintain complete social distancing, everyone still wore masks. 

Overall, the majority of the students really enjoyed the event. 

“The carnival was okay, it got boring sometimes but I appreciate what the school did for us seniors. The line was big for petting dogs, but the animals were lovely. The music was good too, and the dancers were really chill and fun,” senior Linda Javalois said.

However, not all students enjoyed Senior Day. There were some students who came alone because they have friends in other grades or because they simply do not have connections with a lot of people. 

Due to this, some students were just using their phones, while others read books or did their homework using their chromebooks.

Senior Day was an opportunity for the majority of seniors to take some time and enjoy their lives because it is so hard to really enjoy our time during the last year in high school during the pandemic. Overall, the school did a good job providing students with activities and opportunities so that they could use their time wisely.